The accession of a specimen in a collection is documented with its accession number and the date of the accession if available.

If the specimen was received from another collection, this may be documented with the name of the depositor and the number in the original collection (Dep.Nr).

If the current project (= as selected in the query list) contains a duplicate of the accession number, a button will appear. This gives you the opportunity to switch to the specimen with the duplicate accession number.

If a new specimen is entered you can use the button to search for the next free accession number. A window will open as shown below, where you can begin the search. The search will start with the number you provide as a starting point. 


The system will try to find the next free number based on the accession numbers available in the database. As accession numbers can be assigned to a specimen as well as a part of a specimen, you have the option to include accession numbers in both places in the query. Click OK to use the recommended number for the specimen.

Data concerning the accession and deposition are stored in the table CollectionSpecimen.