Creation of the cache database

To create a cache database you need to be a system administrator (s. Login administration). To create the cache database, choose Data - Cache database ... from the menu. If so far no cache database exists, you will be asked if a new one should be generated. Next you have to select the corresponding DiversityProjects database placed on the same server. If the stable identifier has not been defined in this DiversityProjects database, you get a message, that this has to be done first. Please see the manual of DiversityProjects for details. Next you have to select the corresponding DiversityAgents database placed on the same server. Finally you are asked for the name of the Cachedatabase. We recommend to accept the suggestion shown in the dialog. After the generation of the cache database a window as shown below will open. For an introduction see a short tutorial .

Click on the Update button to update the database to the latest version. A window as shown below will open. Click on Start update to execute all the scripts needed for the latest version of the database.

During the update you may encounter under certain circumstances the message that the test of the generic functions failed (see below).

The most probable reason for this is that the name of your projects database does not correspond to the specifications of the update-script. This error can easily be fixed. As an administrator use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. In the directory of your cache database select the Scalar-valued Function dbo.ProjectsDatabase ...

... and use Modify from the context menu. In the Code of the function (see below) change the last set @DB = ... to the real name of your projects database.

The result may look as shown below. After the change, press F5 to execute the script.

After the function returns the correct name of the ProjectsDatabase, the update script should proceed without further error messages.