Cache database - User administration

There are 2 roles in the cache database with a general access to the data: CacheAdmin (for the administration and transfer of the data) and CacheUser (with read only access).

To administrate the logins in the SQL-Server database, click on the button to open a window as shown below. To administrate the access for other logins, you have to be a System administator. For further details please see the chapter about the login administration for the main database.


Postgres database

To handle the logins and user groups on the Postgres database server, click on the button. A window as shown below will open, where you can create and delete logins and groups. For the logins you can change their membership in groups and their properties (see below). On the left you find 2 lists, with the upper list containing the logins and the list below with the groups resp. roles. For the logins you can set the general properties as shown below. The login postgres is created with the installation of the database and is the login for the administration of the database including the updates etc. For details about predefined properties like "Is superuser", please turn to the Postgres documentation

In the Membership in groups area you can define the groups in which the login is a member (see below). 

For the groups you can change their membership in other groups and their permissions (see below).