Sources for the scientific terms

To provide details from DiversityScientificTerms in the cached data, this information is transferred into the cache database together with the data from the collection database. Use the button to add a source for the data you need. The data for the cache database are provided via views that will be created. To select a source for the schedule based transfer resp. the transfer with the  buttons, use the checkbox. To see the protocol of the transfers, click on the button. To transfer all sources that had been selected  use the button (Source database to cache database) resp.  button (Cache database to Postgres database). To inspect the data from the views, click on the button. With the button you can remove the views (see below). To transfer the data into the   cache database  resp. Postgres database use the buttons and the buttons to inspect the content. To transfer resp. inspect data within the Postgres database, you have to connect with a database first.