Sources from webservices

To provide details for datasets linked to webservices like Catalogue of Life etc. in the cached data, this information can be transferred into the cache database together with the data from the DiversityCollection database. Use the button to add the webservice you need.


To transfer the data of a webservice into the   cache database use the button. A window a shown below will open where you must select all projects that should be checked for data related to the webservice you selected. Only names found within these projects will be transferred.

Use the buttons to inspect the content. Names that are already present will not be transferred again. So if you need these values to be updated you have to remove it (see below) and add it again. Links that refer to lists of names instead of single names will not be inserted. These links will be stored in the Errorlog to enable their inspection.

To transfer the data into the Postgres database, you have to connect with a database first. Use the button to transfer the data from the   cache database into the  Postgres database and the buttons to inspect the content.



With the button you can remove the sources.