Collection floor plan resp. geometry

If a floor plan is available for a collection this will be indicated by a yellow background   . To provide the floor plan of a collection choose from the menu and click on the button to select the floor plan. Click on the button to save the plan.

To provide the geometry of a certain area with e.g. a drawer the same he floor plans are inhertited to depending collections and the geometry of a parent collection will be indicated by a dotted line (see below). The field Height keeps the height of e.g. a sensor for temperature.

Besides floor plans you may as well specify certain positions within e.g. a drawer (see below and the tutorial ).


Setting the scale

To set the scale for a floor plan with a scale provided in the plan, click on the button. A blue bar will appear that can be dragged and changed in length to a object of known size, e.g. a scale in the plan. After the scale is set, click on the button and the floor plan will be overlaid with the scale as shown above. The width of the whole plan will be shown in field Width.


Setting the geometry

To set the geometry of e.g. a room, click on the  □  button. A red rectangle will appear as an overlay in the plan that can be dragged into the right position. The  ×   button removes the geometry from the current dataset. Click on the button to store the geometry.



To zoom the floor plan use the slider at the left or the mouse wheel. To return to the original size with a click on the 1:1  button. If the current dataset has a geometry you can use the   button to zoom in the geometry. With the  button you can show the whole image.