Editing the molecular sequences

The editor for sequence data recognizes predefined symbols for nucleotide and protein sequences according the IUPAC definitions.

Nucleic acid symbols

Symbol Name
A Adenine
C Cytosine
G Guanine
T Thymine
U Uracile
W Weak (A or T) 
S Strong (G or C)
M aMino (A or C)
K Keto (G or T)
R puRine (G or A)
Y pYrimidine (C or T) 
B not A (B comes after A) 
D not C (D comes after C)
H not G (H comes after G)
V not T (V comes after T and U)
N No idea (not a gap)
- gap symbol
X wrong entry

The symbols with yellow background are ambiguity symbols. The difference between "N" and a gap symbol ("-") is that a gap symbol represents an unspecified number of unknown symbols but "N" stands for exatly one nucleic acid. Wrong symbols are marked with a brown background