Export data as tab-separated lists

Outdated but kept for compatibility. 

You can export the content of the datasets listed in the specimen list into a tab-separated list. Choose Data - Export - Export list... from the menu. A window as shown below will open. To change the preset path of the export file use the button.

To start the export click on the [Start export] button. A file will be created in your application directory, containing the exported data. A preview of the data is shown in the lower part of the form. If you check the include columns for reimport option, the header will contain an additional line for table names which you can use for reimporting the data. If you check the include the SQL-Query option, the Text of the command for selecting the datasets will be attached at the end of your report. The form will show the first lines as set in the Show first ... datasets (range: 1 - 99) as a preview. During the first export, the list for the fields for sorting the results [Order by:] will be filled. So if you need sorted results just restart the export after selecting the field after the first export.

To choose the fields you want to see in the export click on the button. A window will open as shown below, where you can choose the fields you want to export.

Please keep in mind, that only the datasets listed in the specimen list of the main form will be exported. If for example you set the maximal number for the specimen list to 100, only these datasets will be exported, even if the number of datasets related to your query will be more than 100.

Please be aware, that you will get "cross joins" between the data in your database as in the example shown below. If for example you start an export containing taxa and collectors and you have 3 taxa and 2 collectors in a dataset this will result in 6 lines in the export: every taxon combined with every collector (3 x 2 = 6). To evaluate the data you have to group the results accordingly. The first line in the file corresponds to the description as shown in the form above for the selection of the export fields. The second line shows the tables and the third line the column within the database. The following lines contain the data. If you want to avoid these cross joins and need only one line for each dataset, please use the export function of the grid mode.

Accession number Taxon Collector
CollectionSpecimen IdentificationUnit CollectionAgent
AccessionNumber LastIdentificationCache CollectorsName
M-0013579 Arthrocladiella mougeotii (Lev.) Vassilkov Sandu, C.
M-0013579 Arthrocladiella mougeotii (Lev.) Vassilkov Savulescu, T.
M-0013579 Blumeria graminis (DC.) Speer Sandu, C.
M-0013579 Blumeria graminis (DC.) Speer Savulescu, T.
M-0013579 Lycium barbarum Sandu, C.
M-0013579 Lycium barbarum Savulescu, T.