GIS editor

Choose the Map for display in the header and choose the appropriate option ( GIS- edit) from the first drop-down list in the maps control. With this editor you can document locations with any geographical object (lines, areas, ...) different from a simple point. If coordinates are available for your data set, the GIS editor will load a map (Google Maps) as background. To insert the geographical object defined for e.g. the locality click on the button. To set the format for point symbols use the controls for the symbol, color, size and line thickness above the GIS editor. To redraw the maps with new settings click on the button.

With the GIS editor you can edit the geographical information for the CollectionEventSeries , the CollectionEvent and an Organism or all coordinates related to the current specimen . With the latest option the colors for the objects by default will be blue for coordinates of event series, red for events localisations and green for coordinates of organisms. Furthermore you can create distribution maps for any sample selection.

The GIS editor has several states which are needed to handle geographical objects. For a detailed description see the GIS tutorial.