Supplementary (dependent) identification

For an identification of a non biological unit with the source DiveristyScientificTerms you may add a supplementary identification . The availability of this option depends on the first identification. For example a geological sample with the identification "Basanit" may get supplementary identifications like "Glasige Matrix" of the type "Zement/Matrix" and "Porphyrisch" of the type "Relative Korngrösse". The available supplementary types are defined in the module DiversityScientificTerms. For further information about dependencies among terms please consult the manual of DiversityScientificTerms.

To insert a supplementary identification related to DiversityScientificTerms click on the button. A window as shown below will open with the database set according to the main identification and the available term restricted to those as defined as dependent to the selected type of the main identification as defined in the DiversityScientificTerms database.


The type of the supplemental name is included in front of the supplementary name as shown below and a type can be given several times to indicate ranges or distinct items.