To run DiversityCollection you need the database and the client. All parts can be downloaded for free from and

The image below gives an overview of the installations and files needed. For an intoduction see a short tutorial .





The client is based on the .Net framework version 4.8 from Microsoft. If not already present, the software will ask you for installation. Download the installer from

and start it. In case you get as message as shown below

Please click on Weitere Informationen. A button as shown below will appear

Please click on Trotzdem ausführen to install the software as shown below.

If you need to change the location of the software, this can be done in the next step (see below).

After the installation is done, the software will be included in the programm menu (see below) and a shortcut on the desctop will be created.

The software will be placed in the programs directory as shown below.

After the installation make sure to get the latest updates from


Run program without installer

There are several reasons why you might prefer to run DiversityCollection without installation. E.g. if you lack administrative permissions on your computer or if you want to use several different versions of DiversityCollection in parallel. If the downloaded .zip file contains besides the installer DiversityCollectionSetup.msi the file unpack.bat, you can easlily unpack the program files to a directory on your desktop. Unpack the .zip file to a local directory and start the batch file unpack.bat with a double-click. You might get a security warning as shown in the section above, see there how to proceed. The batch file unpacks the program files to a folder on your desktop named DiversityCollection_x_x_x, where "x_x_x" stands for the program version. In the folder double-click on file DiversityCollection.exe to start the program

If the downloaded .zip file does not contain the file unpack.bat you can extract the files manually. Extract the content of the  .zip file, open the cmd and use msiexex to extract the files to the desired location as shown in the example below:

msiexex /a c:\Downloads\DiversityCollectionSetup.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:\DiversityWorkbench\DiversityCollection

where  c:\Downloads is the directory containing the msi file and c:\DiversityWorkbench\DiversityCollection is your target directory. Now you can start the program with a double click on DiversityCollection.exe located in your specified directory.



For the installation of a local database see the section Installation of the database.


Display / Monitor settings

By default the program detects monitor resolution higher than 100% and will adapt to it. The icons of the windows may become somewhat blurry. If for any reason the whole program stays blurry it may help to let windows try to fix it (see image below).