Maintenance - Regulations

The regulations may be changed due to the specifications provided by D. Neumann. We recommend not to use this functionality until the final specifications are available. 

To insert regulations like the Nagoya protocol choose Administration -> Maintenance from the menu. A window will open as shown below. On the tab page Regulations select the project and the country for which the regulations should be entered. Select the collection and/or accession date where the search for the data should be started. A click on the Search for events button will start the search and list all detected data as shown below.

If the data should be withheld from publication e.g. via the cache database, enter the corresponding withholding reason . These withholding reasons will only be inserted if the specimens are not already withheld for other reasons.

Click on the button to find the regulation that should be inserted.

With the Start entry of the regulations button the withholding reasons and regulations will be inserted.

The regulations will be inserted as shown below.