Query options

The maximum number of items shown in a query result may be set in the window for the query options. The default value is set to 100. If you have a fast connection to your database or need to see a different number of results, you may change this value to any number.
To change the displayed search fields click on the button. This opens a form where you can select and deselect the fields shown for searching specimens. You might also change the maximum number of items which will be shown in the result list.

The limit for the creation of drop-down lists is by default set to 0. This means no drop-down lists will be created. If you set the limit to e.g. 1000 and connect to a database, the program will create a drop-down list based on the entries in the database. For slow connections you may set this to a lower value to speed up the start of the program.

The minimal numbers of characters for a selection from the drop down list is by default set to 3.

To search for a field within the database use the search function which will check the names and descriptions of the fields and mark them as shown below.

After having edited the query options click OK to store you selection. The new selection will become active for the next query. To ease the selection and deselection of query options you may use the buttons Check all, Check none, Expand and Collapse.