Reimport tab-separated lists

Outdated but kept for compatibility. 

With this import routine you are able to reimport data in tab-separated lists which have been exported from the database. Choose Data -> Import -> Reimport list... from the menu to open the window for the reimport. To reimport data it must have been exported using the option [add columns for reimport] to ensure correct header lines in your file. As the client provides no possibility to change data on the basis of lists, you may export the respective data to a tab-separated list, change your values and reimport the data.

In the window click on the button to select the file with the data you wish to import. Use the proper [encoding] to ensure that all special characters will be transferred correctly. If you change the encoding after opening the file, click on the button to reload the file with the new encoding. The content of the file will be visible as shown below. For a reimport the data will always start in line 7, indicated by a  gray background  of the header lines.

To analyse the data in the file click on the [Analyse] button. After a successful analysis, the window will show you the result as shown in the image below. The first data set will be shown in the form. If you wish to check more data sets, set the number of the last position you wish to check and click on the [Analyse] button. The data is presented according to the tables in the database where they will be inserted. Underlined columns belong to the primary key of the respective tables and are red, if missing. These missing values will be generated during the import. If a data set contains no values and will therefore not be imported into the database or updated, the columns will be shown in blue. To import these entries anyway choose the [import empty values] option. To browse through the data sets in the preview use the buttons.

To import your data click on the [Start import] button. If you wish to import only a part of the data, e.g. for a test, choose the [Import first ... lines] option.