Taxon lists

To see the list of organisms within a Specimen , CollectionEvent , EventSeries or SamplingPlot click on the button which will appear, if you select one of the corresponding items in the tree (see below).

A window will open as shown below where you can gather additional information stored in the module DiversityTaxonNames. You may include the sex and the sum of the number of units as stored in table IdenticationUnit or the number based on the organisms in the list.

To retrieve information stored in the module DiversityTaxonNames for names which are linked to this module select the taxonomic group of the organism. Then select the option [Include information from taxonomic lists]. A combobox will appear where you may select the taxonomic database. Next, select the project in the combobox and finally the analysis. After all options are selected, click the button to refresh the data. With the From and Until option you can restrict the result depending on the collection date. To export the results in a tab-separated list use the button.