Templates for data

For several ranges in the data, you can define templates which can than be copied into the data. To define the template, click on the button. A window as shown below will open, where you can enter the data for the template.

Use the button to save changes in the template, the button to clear all entries and the copy options to take values from the data into the template. With the filling option you can decide in which way values from the template are written into the data. This option can be set as well under the menu Administration - Customize display and then Defaults and miscellaneous - Template (see below). 


There are 3 possibilities:


To copy the values defined in the template into your data just click on the button.

In case you select that the program should ask (see above), a window as shown below will open where you have to select those entries from the template that should be copies into the data. Use the buttons all resp. none to select resp. deselect all columns.