Transactions - Return 

If a loan is returned, a child transaction of the type return is created, containing the returned items of the superior transaction. To do this, choose the loan in the tree and add a new transaction as child as shown below. Then set the type of this new transaction to return.

The state of the specimen will always be kept with the loan and you can add return incidents as long as there are specimens on loan. A return incident can only be part of a loan transaction. To transfer items into the return transaction, you have two options: can mark the items in the loan list that should be transferred and click on the button or click into the text field right of the icon and use a barcode scanner. To remove an item of the return list, mark it in the list of returned items and click on the button. 

To you may create a notice of arrival here. With the button choose the schema you need. Click on the button to create a document. To print the document use the button. To store the current document for later reference in Documents click on the button.