Mycobank - webservice

Some modules within the DiversityWorkbench provide the possibility to link your data to an external webservice. For example DiversityTaxonNames gives you access to the taxonomic names of Mycobank. To establish a connection to this webservice, click on the button. A window will open where you may choose Mycobank from the database list (see below). 

Enter the query restriction for the name in the Name field in Query conditions. Click on the search button to start the query. In the list in the left upper part the results of the query will be listed. In the right part of the window additional information is shown as provided by the webservice. To include the link from the webservice into your database choose one of the entries and click OK. The entry will change as shown below.

If you double-click on the link area , a window will open providing you with the retrieval information of the webservice. 

To receive the entire information related to this entry as provided by the webservice click on the button. A window will open as shown below where information on the webservice is listed.

If you wish to remove the link to the webservice, click on the button. This will only remove the relation to the webservice, not the cached name.