DiversityExsiccatae is the module for administration of exsiccatal series within the Diversity Workbench.

Main form

To start the application double click on DiversityExsiccatae.exe.

The first time you start the application you have to configure the connection to the database (Connection, Server ... ) you want to work with. The header of your form allways shows you, with which database you are working, the version of the client, the database server and your login.

To see the descriptions for the fields of the database, simply move your mouse over it. A tooltip will appear with an explanation of the field.

Where you have to choose items from lists, type the beginning of the item name in the field and then click on the drop down button . This will start a query in the database and list the result in the combobox. If contents can be linked to an other module, click on the  button to start a query in this module.