If you have suggestions for improvement, need any changes in the program or encounter an error you can give a feedback to the administrator. Click on the [ALT] and [PRINT] buttons to get a screenshot of your current form. After having created the screenshot choose Help -> Feedback Feedback from the menu to open the feedback window as shown below.

Feedback Dialog 

Click on the Insert image button to insert the screenshot and give a comment about your problem. Then click on the Sen feedback button to send your feedback to the administrator. If you want to receive a message, when the problem you described is solved, please enter your e-mail address in the field under the description.

To inspect your former feedbacks, choose Feedback history Feedback history... from the menu. A window will open, where you can browse your old feedback together with the state of progress.

If you do not have access to the central database for the feedbacks, the program will open your mail client to send an e-mail. In case of bugs in the program it would help if you attach the file DiversityGazetteersError.log located in your application directory (see below).

Error logging

If any error messages show up through working with the application you can find further details concerning the part of the application where the error occurred and the parameters involved in the file DiversityGazetteersError.log located in your application directory.

Error log