Installation of the database

DiversityGazetteers uses Microsoft SQL-Server 2008 or higher as database engine. We recommend to use at least Microsoft SQL-Server 2008 R2, because the database files provided at the DiversityWorkbench homepage are generated for this version. You may use a centralized SQL-Server that is accessible by several users, e.g. over a local area network, or run a local database server on your own PC.

If you do not have a database server with DiversityGazetteers already available, you have to install the database engine first. Download the free version of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 - Express Edition (e.g. SQLEXPRADV_x86_DEU.exe) from Start the program and follow the instructions for the installation.

Download the database files DiversityGazetteers_Data.MDF and DiversityGazetteers_log.LDF from provided as a zip archive and copy them into your database directory.

Server configuration

To configure your server for remote access, launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager (see image below, in this example two SQL-Server "SQLEXPRESS" and "MSSQLSERVER" are installed).

Then click on the "Protocols for SQLEXPRESS" node. Right click on "TCP/IP" in the list of Protocols and choose "enable" for TCP/IP.

Right click on the TCP/IP node and select "Properties" to open a window as shown below.

In the part IPALL clear out the value for "TCP Dynamic Ports". Give a TCP-Port number to use when making remote connections, e.g. "5432" as shown above. You have to restart the SQL Server Express service before you can connect to your database.

If you use a database on a centralized server that shall be reachable over a computer network, make sure that the firewall of the server allows access via the port you set for the connections (see below).

Start the Microsoft SQL Server Managment Studio and attach the database as shown below. Choose the node "databases" and right-click on it to open the context menu (see below). Then choose "attach" from the context menu. A window will open where you can choose the file DiversityGazetteers_Data.MDF from your database directory and attach it to the database engine.

After the installation make sure to get the latest updates from