Login administration

To administrate the logins on the database server, their permissions resp. roles and access to projects, choose Administration -> Logins ... from the menu. A window as shown below will open.

To create a new login, click on the button in the lower left corner. Another window will open.

Here you can enter the name of the new login, the password and the informations about the user which will be stored in a DiversityAgents database. Either create a new entry in this database or select an existing one: Click on the button to search for a name in the database (see below).

To edit the access for a login on the server, select the login in the list. If a login should be disabled , uncheck the enabled checkbox.

All databases on the server will be listed, with the current database showing a yellow background. The databases where the login has no access will be listed in gray while the databases accessible for a login are black.

To give a user access to a database, select the database from the list and check the radio button In database as shown below.

Use the > and < buttons to add or remove roles for the login in the database (see below).

Depending on the database you can edit the list of projects accessible for a login (see below). Projects are related to the module DiversityProjects. To get additional informations about a project, select it in the list and click on the button. 

To load additional projects, click on the Load projects button. A window as shown below will open. Projects already in the database will be listed in green, missing projects in red (see below). Check all projects you need in your database and click the Start download button.

Depending on the database you can edit the settings of a login as shown below.

If you want to use settings already defined for another login, click on the Search template button. A window will open, where you can choose among the settings defined for logins in the database.