Overview of the main menu in DiversityGazetteers:

Database    Database ...

Choose one of the databases available on the server. Only those databases will be listed to which the user has access

   Module connections ...

Edit the connections to the other modules within the Diversity Workbench

    Transfer previous settings

Transfer the settings for IP address and port of the server, name of the database, login etc. of a previous version of the client to the current version

    Quit Quit the application and stop all processes started by the application

  Backup database ... Create a backup of the currently connected database
  Import Import data
       Wizard Import data from tab-separated text files
            Gazetteer data ... Import data into Gazetteers database

  Logins ... Administration of the users and their permissions in the database
  Rename database ... Rename the currently connected database
  Set published DB address ... Set the base URL address of the currently connected database
  Update DB hierarchy cache ... Update the hierarchy cache
  Documentation ... Create a database ER diagram and tables for documentation


(Only visible, if a new version is available)
  Update database ... Update to a new available database version
  Update client ... Update to a new available client version

Manual  Manual Opens the online manual
Feedback  Feedback ... Opens a window for sending feedback
Feedback history  Feedback history ... Opens a window for browsing former feedback
     Info Show the version of the program and corresponding information
Websites   Websites Websites related to DiversityGazetteers
      Website Gazetteer   Download applications ... Download DiversityGazetteers from the website of the Diversity Workbench project
      Website information model   Information model ... Inspect the information model on the website of the Diversity Workbench project