Tutorial - edit places

If the user has administrator rights for the dataset, the New button, Delete button and Save button items are displayed in the toolbar. Additionally the Add name button, Set parent button and Remove parent button buttons will appear in the info area.

The user then may edit the name of the place using the text box. The Save button item turns to red Red button to notify the user that the changes need to be saved by pressing this item before going to another place. The assigned geographical objects may also be edited or changed using the Edit mode of the GIS Editor and saved by pressing the Save button item. To add a new place to the gazetteer, create a geo object within the GIS Editor, enter a description and subsequently press the New button item to put it into the database. The user may delete a name entry by pressing the Delete button item. To add a new name for the current place just type it into the Name text box and press the Add name button button aside. This button is only enabled, if the name has been edited.

To create or change the places hierarchy select an entry and switch ON the Set parent button toggle button. Search and select an entry using the query results list box to assign it as the parent place for the one which is displayed in the info area. The tool tip of the list box will change accordingly. As soon it has been assigned the toggle button will switch OFF again. If no entry should be assigned the button may be released by pressing it again. If the place is part of the hierarchy the Remove parent button button is enabled and may be pressed to remove the assignment of the parent for the current place. This will cut off the upper part of the place's hierarchy tree.

Appropriate message boxes will pop up for changing or editing the name and hierarchy of a place to prevent changes by mistake. If there are multiple places selected, these buttons will not be functional.

Admin View

If there are more than one name entries for the current place, all names are shown in a list box right of the selected name. The user may switch to another name of the list by double clicking it. One of the name entries may be assigned as the preferred name for the current place. This can be done by left clicking it. A message box will be shown to ensure that the assignment should be made. The preferred name then will appear in red color in the list.

At the right side of the information area there are 2 list boxes. The first shows the projects which are assigned to the current name, the second shows the other projects which are not assigned. The administrator may assign or remove projects to the name by selecting a project and clicking on an appropriate arrow button to shift it to the opposite box. Alternatively he may easily shift the project by double clicking on it.

If the assignment of the projects has been changed, the Save button button turns to red Red button to notify the user that the changes need to be saved before going to another place. Otherwise the changes will be lost.

Admin View