Update of database and client

DiversityGazetteers is still in development. Therefore regular updates for the database and the client will be provided. When you start the application and connect to a database, the program will check, if it is compatible with the database or if the database needs an update. It will also check, if a new version of the client is available. In any of these cases an Update entry in the menu will appear. Click on it to open the sub menu.

If the database needs to be updated, it will look like this:

Clicking on Update database ... will open an update window as shown below:

Press the Start update button to run the script. If there are multiple update steps shown in the window, these will be processed consecutively. If the database has been updated successfully, there will be a confirmation message

and the window will look like this:

If a new client is available, the sub menu will show an Update client ... entry:

Click on it to open the DiversityGazetteers software page where you may download the latest version of the application.