The following objects are not included:

Column Data type Description Nullable
Code nvarchar (50) A text code that uniquely identifies each object in the enumeration (primary key). This value may not be changed, because the application may depend upon it. NO
Description nvarchar (500) Description of enumerated object, displayed in the user interface YES
DisplayText nvarchar (50) Short abbreviated description of the object, displayed in the user interface YES
DisplayOrder smallint The order in which the entries are displayed. The order may be changed at any time, but all values must be unique. YES
DisplayEnable bit Enumerated objects can be hidden from the user interface if this attribute is set to false (= unchecked check box) YES
InternalNotes nvarchar (500) Internal development notes about usage, definition, etc. of an enumerated object YES
ParentCode nvarchar (50) The code of the superior entry, if a hierarchy within the entries is necessary YES

Table Language_Enum

Language codes used within the database

Table ProjectAgentRole_Enum

Roles of the agents

Dependent tables:

Table ProjectAgentType_Enum

Types of the agents

Dependent tables:

Table ProjectArchiveFormat_Enum

Standards for the created archives, e.g. EML

Dependent tables:

Table ProjectArchiveMimeType_Enum

The MIME (accoridig to the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions specification) types of the created archives

Dependent tables:

Table ProjectType_Enum

Type of the project, e.g. corresponding to a DWB module

Dependent tables: