Import GFBio

Import data from GFBio online service

For a short introduction see .

In the menu choose Data - Import - GFBio to open a window as shown below. Enter the login data (User + Password) and the Key of the project. To retrieve the data click on the Connect button. The software will retrieve the data provided for the project as shown below. Information concerning agents will be taken from the selected DiversityAgents database and the project selected within this database. The GFBio portal does not enforce roles for all the agents enter. If you want to add a role for agents where no role has been given in the GFBio portal, you may choose a default.

If you get an error message about missing identifier types, please open Administration - Identifier types... and insert the missing types.

If all needed types are available click Start import to import the data either into an existing project or a new project that you may include in an existing parent project.