Overview of the menu in DiversityCollection

 Database ...

Choose one of the databases available on the server. Only those databases to which the user has accession permission will be listed.

 Module connections ...

Overview for all connections to other modules, webservices etc.

 Transfer previous settings

Transfer the settings of a previous version

     Quit Quit the application and stop all processes started by the application.

    Wizard Export data via a wizard.
    CSV (bcp) Export data of the entire database as csv files.
    GFBio Import data from a GFBio project.
  Table editor Edit data as selected in the query data directly in the data tables.
    Project ... Edit data of the Project table.
    Agent ... Edit data of the ProjectAgent table.
    Descriptions ... Edit data of the ProjectDescriptor table.
    IDs ... Edit data of the ProjectIdentifier table.
    IPR ... Edit data of the ProjectLicense table.
    References ... Edit data of the ProjectReference table.
    Resources ... Edit data of the ProjectResource table.
  Backup database ... Backup database

   Documentation Opens a window providing documentation tools for the database
  Logins... Administration of the user
   Settings ... Administration of the settings
   Rename database Rename the current database
   Set published address Setting the address published for links by other modules
   Database tools ... Tools for handling the objects in the database (experts only!)
  Resources directory ... Setting the directory for the resources.

  Manual Opens the online manual
  Feedback ... Opens a window for sending feedback
  Feedback history ... Opens a window for browsing former feedback
  Feedback editing ... Opens a window for editing the feedbacks (Admins only)
  Websites Websites providing further informations
     Info Show the version of the program and corresponding information

Update database ... Update database to current version
Update client ... Download latest version of client