Module connections

The DiversityWorkbench is a set of components for building and managing biodiversity information, each of which focuses on a particular domain. DiversityProjects is referred by almost every module. To scan for references from these modules on data in DiversityProjects choose Data - Scan modules - ... from the menu (see image below).

With these options the program will scan all sources of the selected module as listed in the connections for references to the current project. After selecting a project in the tree, the sources of the selected modules together with the linked data will be listed as shown below.

Select a link to see a summary of the linked data (see below).

To get further information about an item click on the button. If so far the path to the respective application has not been set, you will get a corresponding message (see below).

Click on the button to set the path to the application (see below).

By default the path to the application is C:\Program Files (x86)\DiversityWorkbench\Diversity...\Diversity....exe as shown.



To ensure the references from the modules to be in working order the all chain links must fit. The first chain link is the Base URI of the module. To check this address, select Connection - Module connections... from the menu (see image below).

This address must be present in the module, e.g. DiversityProject. To check this, select Administration - Projects from the menu to open the window as shown in the image below.

The ProjetURI must be present and corresponds to the Base URI in DiversityProject + the ID of the project.