For an introduction see the video .The settings of the project are shown in the lower part of the form. To edit the template for the settings, select Administration - Settings from the menu. A window as shown below will open. Use the button to add a new setting. With the button you can define the superior setting for a selected setting. With the button you can remove the relation to a superior setting for the selected setting. To change the sequence of the settings within a group of settings (having the same superior setting) set the value of the display order (Ord.:) accordingly. With the button a selected setting may be removed again.

To add settings to a project, you choose among the settings defined as described above. To edit the definition of the settings either use the menu as described above or click on the button (see below). Use the and buttons to add or remove a setting. To copy all settings from another project use the button. To change the value of a setting, choose it in the tree and edit the text in the Value textbox above the tree (see below). According to the hierarchy of the projects, settings defined in any project above the current project will be inherited. This is indicated by a brown color of the setting and the [ name of the superior project ]. To overwrite an inherited value just add the same setting in the current project and enter the value that should be used instead of the inherited value, an empty value in case no value should be given.