The terms of a certain type/ranking may be dependent on terms that are no types/ranking, e.g. terms of the type Zement may only be available for terms underneath the term Sedimentgestein which itself is of the type Gestein. Clients that want to use any term of a dependent type (e.g. Zement) must therefore first insert a term of the type of these terms depend on (e.g. Sedimentgestein) or underneath in the hierarchy (e.g. Kalkgestein). The clients afterwards will contact the database including the information of the first term (e.g. Kalkgestein) and will in return get a list of all terms of which the type (e.g. Zement) is defined as dependent on the first term (e.g. Kalkgestein) resp. a parent of this term (e.g. Sedimentgestein). The image below shows the relationships in an example.  

To define dependencies, change to Ranking terms (in the menu click on Ranking terms to switch to the administration of the types resp. ranking terms (see image below)). This part is only accessible for users in the group Editor or above.