If you have suggestions for improvement, need any changes in the programm or encouter an error you can give a feedback to the administrator. Click the [ALT] and [PRINT] buttons to get a screen shot of your current form. After creating the screen shot choose Help - Feedback from the menu to open the feedback form as shown below.


Click on the button to insert the screen shot and give a comment about your problem. Then click on the button to send your feedback to the administrator.

Error logging

If any error messages show up while working with the application, you can find further details concerning the part of the application where the error occurred and the parameters involved in the file DiversityScientificTermsError.log located in your resources directory.

To open the errorlog, choose Help - ErrorLog from the menu. A window will open showing the content of the errolog. By default the errorlog will at program start. You can keep the errorlog if needed by chossing Help - Errorlog - Keep error log from the menu. A button will appear that allows you to clear the error log manually: Help - Clear ErrorLog.