Module related entry

The DiversityWorkbench is a set of components for building and managing biodiversity information. Each of which focuses on a particular domain and provides services for the other modules. To use the service of a module you need access to the database of the module and optionally the module application placed in your application directory. Entries related to an external module have a standard interface in the main form. There are 3 states of this interface:

1 - the value is only set in the local database with no connection to the remote module

In this state you may either type the value or select it from the values which are already available in the database. To get a list of the available values type the beginning of the value (you may use wildcards) and click on the button.


2 - the value is related to the remote module

If you wish to set a relation to the remote module click on the button. A window will open where you may select an entry from the foreign database. With this option you have the full range of query options as shown in the image below as well as access to additional webservices.


If the value has a relation to the remote module, the interface will appear as shown above. To release the connection to the remote module click on the button. If you require further information on the value, click on the button. This will open a form showing an overview of the related value.

If the client application of the module is available, you may inspect the details of the entry. To start the client application of the remote module simply click on the button. 


3 - relation to a webservice

Some modules provide the possibility to link your data to an external webservice. For example, DiversityTaxonNames gives you access to the taxonomic names of IndexFungorum. To establish a connection to an external webservice click on the button. As with the link to modules within the DiversityWorkbench, a window will open where you are able to choose from either DiversityWorkbench modules or external Webservices.