User administration

The permissions of users in the database are set via roles and the access to the terminologies. To set the permissions choose Administration - User ... from the menu. A form will open where you can change the permissions of the user. The first list shows the user accounts that are available in the database but have no access to any of the terminologies. To synchronize this list with the Diversity Workbench module DiversityUsers click on the [Synchronise with DiversityUsers] button. To create a new SQL-Server User, click on the  button. To create a new Windows user with access to the database resp. allow an existing user the access to the database use the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (see the installation section for further details).  To permit access to a terminology click on the  [>] button. To remove a user from this list use the [<]  button.

The area Permission of user shows the terminologies a user has access to and the roles of the user within the database. To move users between the lists Terminologies that are available for a user and Terminologies that are not avialable for a user use the [>]  and [<] buttons.  To change the roles of a user use the  and    buttons. Underneath the termonology list for a user you find the list of the Roles of the user. This list can be changed by using the  and  buttons. Underneath the roles list you find the list with the roles available in the database. On the left side of this list the permissions of the selected role are listed and on the right side the members of this role.

The permissions of the roles are shown in the lower left part of the form.

The role DiversityWorkbenchUser can see the data within the permitted terminologies, but can not change anything.

The role DiversityWorkbenchTyist can change the user defined parts of the data.

The role DiversityWorkbenchEditor can change the user defined parts of the data.

The role DiversityWorkbenchAdministrator can grant access for users, insert and edit terminologies, ranking terms etc.