Sources from other modules

To provide details from other modules like DiversityTaxonNames, DiversityAgents, DiversityScientificTerms etc. in the cached data, this information is transferred into the cache database together with the data from DiversityCollection database. Use the button to add a source for the data you need. The data for the cache database are provided via views that will be created for you. With the button you can list the sources used in the projects to get a hint of what may be needed. The tables and view for the sources are placed in the schema dbo in the SQL-Server cache database and public in the Postgres cache databases. In case a new version for the source is available you get a notation like  Needs recreation to version 2 . In this case you must remove the source with a click on the button and use the button to recreate the source. For an introduction see a short tutorial . For the inclusion of sources from services like Catalogue of Life see the chapter Sources from webservices.


The sources of some module provide additional subsets to the main data. To select the subsets that should be transferred to the cache database, click on the button. In the upcoming dialog (see the example for DiversityTaxonNames below) select those subsets you want to transfer in addition to the basic list. By default all subsets are selected.


Single manual transfer

To transfer the data of a single source into the   cache database use the button and the buttons to inspect the content.

To transfer the data into the Postgres database, you have to connect with a database first. Use the button to transfer the data from the   cache database into the  Postgres database. The button will transfer the data of all sources in the list into the cache database (see below).

Scheduled transfer

To transfer the data of all sources into the   cache database and all available Postgres databases, use the scheduled transfer as background process. With this transfer all available Postgres databases will be included in the data transfer. These targets are indicated underneath the Postgres block (see image below).

If the target is placed on the current server, the text will appear in black as shown below.



With the button you can remove the sources together with the views (see above).