Transfer of data from SQL-Server to Postgres via bcp

To transfer large amounts of data from the SQL-Server database to a Postgres database the normal path is clearly too slow. For these cases an alternative option is provided using the transfer in a csv file on a shared folder on the server where the Postgres databases are hosted.   

If the shared directory, mount point and the bash file are set (see below - on first tab Update, Sources ) the batch transfer can be activated. Click e.g. on the button to set the values. The window that will open offers a list with existing entries for the respecitive value. Please ask the postgres server administrator for details.

To use the batch transfer for a project, click in the checkbox as shown below.

The image for the transfer will change from to . Now the data of every table within the project will be transferred via bcp. To return to the standard transfer, just deselect the checkbox.   

To stop the execution in case of an error click on the button in the window that will open after you clicked the button to start the transfer. The button will change from to and the execution will stop in case of an error. The objects created for the transfer (csv file, tables) of the data will not be removed to enable an inspection. 

Details about the setup are described in the chapter Setup for the transfer via bcp.

Details about the export are described in the chapter Export using the transfer via bcp.