Collection manager

Collection managers are users with the right to edit the transactions for a collection, including loan, purchase, inventory etc. To administrate the collection managers you must be in the administrator group. Either choose - Administration - Transaction management - Collection managers from the menu or Administration - Collection and there the button to open the editing window for the collection managers as shown below.

Use the < and > buttons to edit the list of the collections for which the selected collection manager can create and edit transactions.

The collection managers can be listed with their names or their logins. Change this with the list by option at the base of the list. If after e.g. a database have been moved to another server, the may exist logins with names not matching those on the server. Click on the button to correct this. In case of duplicate permissions you might get a list with these duplicates where you have to remove the duplicate permissions.

For details about handling the collections see the Transaction section. Data of the collection managers is stored in the table CollectionManager.