The people or groups responsible for the gathering of the specimen are stored in the table CollectionAgent. There may be several collectors for one specimen. In the tree the collectors are symbolized by the icon as shown below.


To hide or show the collectors in the tree use the icon in the left panel (it will change to a grey version with a yellow background when the collectors are hidden). To insert a collector choose either the specimen or an existing collector in the tree and then click on the icon in the right panel. Select a collector in the tree to enter details. In the right part of the window the detail fields will appear as shown below.


If a collector should refer to a dataset in the module DiversityAgents (where more details like addresses may be stored) click on the  button. If in the module DiversityAgents a synonym is choosen, you will get the data of the correct name instead. The sequence of the collectors (e.g. for print on a label) as shown in the tree can be changed by with the   and  buttons in the panel on the right side of the tree.

With the template you can define and copy predefined values into the data (see chapter Template).  

To remove a collector select the entry in the tree and click on the  button.

You can search for the gathering numbers of the collectors in the query.

Data of the collectors is stored in the table CollectionAgent.