Version of data sets

The Version of a data set consists of two parts, e.g. 3 / 1 as shown in the header of the specimen in the main form. The first number refers to the version of the data set as stored in table CollectionSpecimen. The second number refers to the version as stored in table CollectionEvent. Both versions will be set to a higher number if the data in the tables themselves or in dependent tables are changed. Thus, if a new identification is inserted in the table Identification the specimen number of the version will increase from 3 to 4 resulting in a version 4 / 1 for the whole data set. The changes in the version will only occur if the last changes in the data were more than 24 hours ago or a different user is changing the data. This ensures that a user can change several parts in a data set within 24 hours and the version will only be increased by 1.

The data is stored in the tables CollectionSpecimen and CollectionEvent.