A Specimen may be part of an exsiccatal series. These series are administrated in the DiversityWorkbench module DiversityExsiccatae. To enter the exsiccatal series select the Specimen, the Organism or IdentificationUnit in the tree. With the Specimen the exsiccatal series is shown at the base of the data form as shown below.


As there may be several Organisms with separate exsiccatal numbers in one Specimen the numbers are handled together with the IdentificationUnits. Select the concerned Organism to enter data in the form as shown below.

You can either type the name of the exsiccatal series or choose one from the module DiversityExsiccatae. If you click on the , a window will open showing the link to the entry as derived from the module.


The data on the exsiccatal series is stored in the table CollectionSpecimen, the data on the number and the taxon is stored in the table IdentificationUnit.