Linked server

Databases not available on the local server may be accessible via a linked server. Provided the option for loading the connections is set, the program will automatically try to connect to these databases. Otherwise you can connect to these databases as described here. To administrate the linked servers, choose Administration - Linked servers ... from the menu. A form (see below) will open where you can add linked servers and inspect the content of the available databases.

Use the  resp. buttons to add or remove a linked server. To add a linked server, you need the name of the server and the port, e.g., 5432, the login associated with the connection of the linked server e.g. TNT and the password for this login. The available databases will be listed as shown above. To inspect the content, select among the tables or views listed in the right part as shown above. Linked servers have certain restrictions for the availability of data, e.g. XML and geography data are not available via a linked server. For a table or view containing incompatible content you may encounter a corresponding error mentioning the reason for the incompatibility.