The methods used for collection events, the analysis of the organisms or the processing of the material. To administrate these methods, choose Administration -> Methods ... from the menu (only for Administrator). A window as shown below will open. For an introduction see a short tutorial .

There are 2 lists where you can define for which analysis resp. processing the selected method may be used. If the checkbox For collection event is checked, this method may be used for collecting events. To organize your methods you can add methods with the checkbox Only for hierarchy set to true . For these methods the sections for entering details are disabled. The methods may contain several parameters as shown above. To insert a parameter click on the  button. If a parameter should only allow predefined values, check the Use dedicated values for a parameter checkbox and add values using the  button. With the buttons you can remove parameters or predefined values.

To view the history of a dataset, click on the button. A window with the history will open. For more details see the section History. For any comments to this part of the application, use the feedback function.

In the main form you can add a method to a collection event, an analysis or a processing. Choose the respective item in the tree and click on the button to add a method (see below). Depending on the selected method, you get a list of parameters for which the values can be set. For the parameters where default values are available, these will be inserted when adding the method.

You may add several methods for one analysis resp. processing or collection event as shown above.