Sampling plots

If your samples are collected at constant sampling plots, you may use the module DiversitySamplingPots to describe said SamplingPlots. For a better differentiation between events and the SamplingPlots there is a brown text in the hierarchy as well as a different icon . A SamplingPlot can contain other SamplingPlots and CollectionEvents. Information about the geographic locality and properties of the collection site can be stored in the SamplingPlot, while the collecting date must be stored in the CollectionEvent. To show or hide the SamplingPlots you have two options. In the panel on the left of the tree the button will show the superior SamplingPlots of the current CollectionEvent as shown below.


The button will show the entire hierarchy of the SamplingPlots as shown below.


If you select a SamplingPlot in the hierarchy, two buttons will appear in the bar to the left of the tree. With the button you can retrieve a taxon list for the SamplingPlot. With the button you can retrieve a summary of the information on a SamplingPlot (see image below).

To edit the data of a SamplingPlot please use the module DiversitySamplingPlots.

The link to the module DiversitySamplingPlots is stored in the table CollectionEventLocalisation.