A user may be in several groups with diverse rights in the database. Here certain higher groups have all rights of lower groups in addition to special rights for the higher group, e.g. the group User may only read data of certain tables while Typist has the rights of User and additionally may edit the data in certain tables - see overview below.

Summarized overview of some of the groups and their permissions

Role Permissions in addition to lower role and user group respectively Included rights
Administrator Delete data, edit user permissions DataManager
CollectionManager Administration of collections, handling loans etc. StorageManager
DataManager Delete data, edit image descripton templates Editor
Editor Create new entries and delete details (not entire data sets) Typist
Requester Has the right to place requests for specimen  
StorageManager Administration of stored parts, handling loans etc. User
Typist Edit data User
User See the data of the data tables, add annotations

To place a user in one of the groups, select Administration - Database - Logins... from the menu. In the window that will open select a login and a database. The roles available in the selected database will be listed as shown below. Use the > and < buttons to add or remove roles for the login in the database (see below).

To see the detailed permissions of a role, select it in the list of Available roles and click on the button. A window as shown below will open listing all objects in the database the role has permissions for (see below).


If you are an Administrator you may add a user to one of these groups.

Any user may have access to several projects.