Specimen images

To see the specimen images select the specimen image in the header menu. Each specimen may be documented with several images. The images are stored as their path, either locally or provided by a server. To enter a new image click on the button. For more details see the section Images.

To delete an image select it from the list and click on the button (see below).

To change the sequence of the images, use the resp. buttons to change the position of the selected image. To adapt the sequence of the whole list, you can select one of the options offered when you click on the button: Ordering ascending resp. descending by the name (= URI) or the creation date of the images. For a short introduction see the tutorial .

With the button you can change to a new chromium based browser for the display of images.

To change the image sequence for a whole project, use the functionality within maintenance maintenance.

To document the relation of an image to an organism or a part of the specimen choose the corresponding entries from the drop-down lists Organisms: and/or Part:.

To restrict the displayed images to either images which are related to a certain part or a certain organism within the specimen, choose e.g. the organism in the tree. If the selected organism is related to any image the button (see below) will change to .  

Click on the button to restrict the images displayed in the list to those, which are related to e.g. the selected organism. The button will receive a red background    to remind you of the restriction. Next to the image list a button will appear which enables you to show all images again.

To enter a description for an image click on the button (see the chapter Image description for further details).

The data is stored in the table CollectionSpecimenImage.