Scientific terms

DiversityScientificTerms is part of the database framework Diversity Workbench. Within this framework the application DiversityScientificTerms is confined to the management of scientific terms. Any module within the Diversity Workbench is focused on a specific data domain. DiversityScientificTerms keeps only data connected with the handling of scientific terms. Data of other realms are handled in separate modules. For an overview of the available modules see the image below. The current version relies on the service of DiversityAgents for explicit information of users etc., on DiversityProjects for further informations about terminologies and DiversityReferences for explicit information about references. DiversityCollection is dependent upon DiversityScientificTerms to characterize terms.

Despite the connections to other modules of the Diversity Workbench DiversityScientificTerms may be used as a stand-alone application.