Availability of data sets

The data of certain parts of the database can be blocked for remote access. If you want to prevent access for the whole dataset, enter your reason in the field Withholding reason in the header (see below).

If you want to block only the access to the data of the collection event or the collector, choose them in the tree and enter your reason for withholding the data in the corresponding fields. The data will only be published, if these fields are empty.

Within the database a user has only access to the data of those projects for which he has permission. If a data set belongs to a certain project, it is stored in the table CollectionProject.

To prevent publication of the data it can be blocked for the whole data set (table CollectionSpecimen), for the locality as a whole and for the collection date (table CollectionEvent), for the collectors (table CollectionAgent) (for the collectors an anonymisation is available), the organisms (table IdentificationUnit) and the parts (table CollectionSpecimenPart) - see overview below - and for all image tables: CollectionSpecimenImage, CollectionEventImage, CollectionEventSeriesImage and CollectionImage. The transaction provide the possiblity of an embargo (see below).


To edit the withholding reasons for all specimen selected in the main window choose Administration  - Withhold data... from the menu. As an alternative choose Data - Cache database... from the menu. There in the projects part click on the button to edit the withholding reasons for a single project. A window will open as shown below, giving a summary of all withholding reasons set for the selected specimen and related data. 

To edit the withholding reasons for certain entries choose the corresponding page where the details are listed as shown below.

To block all data enter a new reason for withholding the data and click on the Add withholding reason to all ...  button or the ... only to selected button, if only the selected entries should be blocked. To remove the withholding reason from all data sets click on the Remove withholding reasons for all ... button or the ... only from selected button, if only the selected entry should be published.


Data embargo

To mark data to be not published for a certain period you can define a data embargo and include the data in this data embargo.


Permissions for projects

The user's access to the data within the database is stored in the tables shown below. The tables UserProxy and ProjectProxy are related to the Diversity Workbench modules DiversityUsers and DiversityProjects respectively. See User administration for further details.