To edit the terminologies select Administration - Terminologies ... from the menu.


A form as shown below will open. A terminology may optionally be linked to a project in DiversityProjects. Click on the button to get further informations about the project or directly access the module DiversityProjects. To remove the connection to DiversityProjects, click on the button.


After changes in the data, especially in the hierarchy, please use the button Refresh the cache entries for the hierarchy to update the hierarchy cache for the terms within the terminology. The hierarchies are build using the preferred terms (see Editing the data )

On the left the terminologies accessible for the user are listed, on the right you find the details. At the bottom of the window the properties, references and users with access to the selected terminology are listed. In the User tab, use the < and > buttons to decide if a user has access to a terminology. To add missing users use the  button. This functionallity is as well available under the Login Administration