Collection task

To define tasks for a collection choose Administration - Collection tasks...  from the menu. A window as shown below will open.




To show the site of the URI fo the task if available, choose show URI.


To change to the scan mode select Scan mode  from the menu. This will enable the search for collection task via a scanner.

Table editor

To edit the data with the datatable click on the button. For details check the TableEditors section.


To edit types click on the button.


There are to ways to import data:


To export your data select  from the menu. For further details see chapter ExportWizard


There are several options for the display of the hierarchy:


If there are images related to a collection task this will be indicated by a yellow background    . To edit the images related to a collection task, choose from the menu.  


To print e.g. reports select from the menu. The sequence of items included in a report is set in the details for the items with 0 meaning that an item will not be included in a report. 


To generate charts for numerical values choose from the menu. For details see chapter Charts

Floor plan

If the related collection provides a floor plan, this will be indicated by a yellow background    .  To see the floor plan of the related collection, choose from the menu. For details see chapter collection floor plan


To send a feedback to the software developer click on the feedback button. 


To view the history of a dataset, click on the button. A window with the history will open. For more details see the section History.





The details available for a collection task are defined in the tasks . In the lower part of the form the details for the collection task are edited. The top field shows the type (e.g. ) and name of collection the collection task is related to. To edit the collection, click on the button. Below the top line the type of the collection task as defined in the task is indicated with the corresponding picture (e.g.  ) and the display text is shown. Underneath the button, the position within a report is accessible where 0 means that the selected item will not appear in a report. Underneath these top lines follow the fields for editing the data as definded in the task. If a metric is available, this will be added in the right part.