Regulations may be added for a part of a collection specimen.

For surveillance of correct entries the regulations resp. their title must have been added for the collection events before a insert for a part will be successful.

To add a regulation to a specimen part, choose the part to which the regulation should be added and click on the button. Depending on your permissions either a window as below will open, listing all available regulations (see below) ...

... or a textbox as shown below where you have to enter the title of the regulation.

Choose or type the regulation you want to insert and click OK. The regulation will be inserted as shown below.

If you do not have the proper permissions the regulation will be displayed without the title as shown below.

To remove any regulation use the button.

To administrate the regulations choose Administration - Transaction management - Transaction  ... from the menu. A window as shown below will open where the you can administrate and create regulations (see below). See chapter Transaction for further details.

In upcoming versions of the software the access to the regulations is administrated via collections. Choose the type regulation for a collection that has been created to administrate as shown below. See chapter Transaction for further details.